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I would immediately cease any thoughts about contracting The Custom Edge. First of all, they are the most unprofessional business I have ever worked, especially Jaime Braddy who verbally battered my wife on the phone and called her "crazy" even after we notified them of their discrepancy with our driveway extension. We notified them that the driveway extension was for an F-350 truck with an 8ft bed. The truck was actually parked next the spot where we wanted the extension. They poured a driveway approx. 10ft on one side and then 25 on the otherside. Did I mention I have an F-350 with an 8ft bed? I am sure you can do the math. The other issue is that we contracted them out to install custom curbing with lighting. The color specifies "GREY", not purple or brown. Even at the initial consult, Jaime Braddy agreed that we should use grey. Even the most color blind individual will tell you that it is purple. We contacted them to notify them that we wanted grey, but they stated that they wouldn't replace the curbing, nor finish the driveway extension they screwed up. The only question I have is when do the needs and wants of the customer get addressed when contracting The Custom Edge? NEVER! They have only been members of the BBB since this summer of 08'. I guess 3 complaints in one year is acceptable, depending on who you ask. I wanted this to look awesome as a Christmas present for my wife and I, and this has been the biggest nightmare. By the way, they started this job in December! Be afraid, be very afraid of The Custom Edge.

Please call us at (910) 814-2119 prior to hiring on the Custom Edge in Fayetteville. We have over 45 pictures and actual pieces of the incomplete non contracted color curbing and the destroyed concrete driveway, as well as pictures of the damages they caused to our existing property. The stamped concrete sidewalk isn't even a true stamped concrete walkway. The stain and seal was damaged by their inattentiveness. We have over $10, 000 of damages that Custom Edge has caused to our existing property. We had to file a claim with our insurance company. By the way, Jamie Braddy stated that all we want is the $ from the insurance Co. If that was true, why is our insurance co paying the contractors to repair all the damages for which no money comes to us? There is a long line of customers who have made the same mistake as we did. My intent is to ensure that this company doesn't do this to anyone again. One lady has been dealing with the Custom Edge for over two years and she has now given up. Jamie Braddy even degraded this nice lady to the point where she was an emotional wreck.


We made the mistake of not doing our research prior to hiring the Custom Edge. Do not make the same mistake.

The pictures alone with scare you enough to stay away from this horrible company.

The Custom Edge has no business working in this field and they are amateurs. Instead of me telling you, make up your own mind from the pictures.

If you want an experienced curbing company who has outstanding customer service, call Curbing Creations. We are using them, as well as a lot of the Anderson Creek Residents. The difference is blaringly obvious.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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